Why you should save just $20 this month

bookshelf with small fames and trinkets, Pexels
bookshelf with small fames and trinkets, Pexels

I talk to my friends about money all the time. How much we pay for rent, groceries, bike repairs. How we wish we were rich enough to frequent designer consignment shops as sellers, not buyers.

The most talked-about topic, by far, is saving money. We get it, we know. You don’t get rich by making more money — you do it by saving (and investing) the money you’re already making.

So, why are so many 20-somethings still sparring with personal finance forums? Here’s my take on it. We’re thinking too big. To start saving, you need to start small. …

A Short Story: Part III

Photo by Yarenci Hdz on Unsplash

The icing on the cake is melting, running down its sides. Obnoxious blues streak into bright greens, leaving mottled wakes across the white base.

“Hey, who lit the candles?! The cake’s gonna melt!” Paul bounds across the patio to blow them out. Thin wisps of smoke rise from the slumped pillars of wax. It’s Robbie’s first birthday, today. Well, the party for it at least. The little tike turned one more than a month ago, but when the invitations never got sent or the arrangements made, the celebration was pushed pack. …

A Short Story: Part II

Photo by Robert Thiemann on Unsplash

She’s the baby of the family. On their first date, as she sipped on her chocolate malt, she said she was fifteen years old and had three big brothers. All military of course, her family, they were the service type. A momma, a dad, a little house on Grand Avenue that could hardly contain them all. She wasn’t a homebody though; she made certain people knew that. The stash of brochures underneath her bed, each one folded neatly and placed carefully in the empty Marz Fruit Cake tin.

Travel brochures, you be sure, she told him. There really was no…

A Short Story: Part I

Photo by Nani Williams on Unsplash

The daylight is seeping out of the sky.

Like water trickling through soil, it falls in the spaces between the low-lying houses to cast its dim glow on the abandoned field. The grass is tallest at the edges, green and waving in the dry summer breeze, it grazes the bowed wood fence.

A tin can, rusted from the fall rains, tumbles across the patchy earth; its song is hollow and sharp.

Sam shuffles across the dirt, his son Robbie at his heels. The dust of his father’s footsteps billows up, collecting on his blonde curls. The pair comes to a…

How the habits of endurance running helped me overcome creative resistance

Landscape image of the south rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona
Landscape image of the south rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona
Photo by the Author, Grand Canyon, AZ

My goal wasn’t to run a marathon. I hated running. I had very little experience and was indisputably average at it. Still — here I was — four months into training for a 26.2-mile trail run.

I wasn’t running a marathon to get a six-pack. I wasn’t doing it to prove to a middle school bully that I wasn’t the 10-minute 32-second mile kid anymore (spoiler: I still was.)

No, I was running a marathon to get better at writing. Convoluted? Perhaps. Effective? Certainly.

Starting With an Impossible Task

Like many aspiring writers, I wake up most days in a sea of regret. Why didn’t…

#3 Send yourself emails

Photo by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash

Productivity advice abounds on the internet and for a long time, I ignored it. I thought it was just another tactic to entice me onto the hedonic treadmill. I didn’t want to spend my life in a cycle of production and consumption.

I rejected the idea — wholeheartedly.

A few months after I graduated from college, I read Cal Newport’s So Good They Can’t Ignore You. He writes that skills, not passion, are your best tool to finding fulfilling work. …

Why I seek mediocrity

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

It’s 10 am. Tuesday morning. 2014. I’m sitting in a wood pew near the front of my high school chapel. I’m only half-listening when the speaker, Mr. Denison, pauses.

A long pause.

One of those public-speaking tactics they’re constantly promoting to grab your audience’s attention. Well — it’s working.

He looks around the chapel, fiddles with the edges of his printed speech. Then he continues,

“As humans, we are naturally curious. We love to learn. But the longer I teach, the more fascinated I am by the fact that our current educational system is actually inhibiting the natural learning process…

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