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They didn’t know these 3 simple money concepts

ivy growing up a white brick wall
Photo by Victoria Strukovskaya on Unsplash

I was out for coffee with one of my friends from college. She stood by the bar waiting for her drink while I snagged a table. I sipped on my latte, nestled under the ivy leaves spilling down from the shelves overhead.

She’s intelligent, a brilliant artist, and a dependable…

I took these 2 things “off the budget” to invest in myself

a person on a bike at the top of a hill, looking out into the fog
Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash

The first time I heard the acronym OTB, I was leading a mountain bike ride in Lake Tahoe. I’d been tossed into the sport for the first time that morning.

The usual mountain bike leader had broken his wrist the day before.

My manager looked at me over a hot…

A splash of color and life

sunrise on the water with the clouds illumniated by the sun’s rays
Sunrise on the water, picture taken by author

It’s dark when I open my eyes to the soft beep of the alarm.

Limbs heavy, hair matted against my neck, I reach across to turn it off, letting the covers fall off my body and my feet come to the ground.

The windows to my left are fogged, some…

The remote alternative to Scrum, or “stand-up” meetings, is not a video call.

desk with keyboard, mouse, pens, notebook, and small plant
Photo by Amy Hirschi on Unsplash

Remote work means embracing remote tools, but it doesn’t mean we should stay complacent. We need to adapt the agile workplace tools we created “in the office” for the post-office remote world.

The first place to start is trimming down scrum. Typical scrums follow the 3-tier what did you do, what will you do, what’s backlogging you framework. No one wants that anymore. Save everyone a 20-minute video call and trim it down.

Skip what you did and what you will do — cut right to the chase. What’s backlogging you? Get unstuck and keep moving.

Trust your team. Retire the commute and the micromanagement. Scrap scrum — all you need is a crumb.

Check out my top productivity hacks for remote work:

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